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A Deeper Understanding of Adviser Needs

We went heavy on research, talking to institutional and personal investment advisers to get a better sense of their needs and pain points, how they find and evaluate funds and how AMG Funds could best reach them.

A Refined Value Prop

With our adviser needs in hand, we engaged AMG Funds leadership in a value prop workshop to foster consensus on exactly what makes AMG Funds different. Then, we went to work developing a strong, succinct positioning strategy.

Design Sprints: Fund Shopping
& Thought Leadership

We moved quickly, and collaborated with our clients and advisors to design, test and refine a dot-com that streamlined how folks discovered, researched and shopped for funds. Alongside the funds themselves, we showcased AMG’s industry-leading research and perspectives, as well as those of their Affiliates.

A competitive & comparative analysis helped us synthesize best practices and formulate our own.

Dot voting identified our favorite components and must-haves.

Wireframing the site by hand let us (literally) draw and redraw key pages with direct client input.

UX and visual designers worked side by side to iron out features and functionality.

An Interface Built For Speed

Shopping for funds online should be as easy as shopping for anything else online. So, we incorporated traditional ecomm best practices to design a faster, simpler experience that put as few clicks as possible between advisors and the world-class funds they’re looking for.

We built in smart, thoughtful opportunities for cross-selling complementary funds, and spotlighting the perspectives of the boutiques and fund managers behind them.

A clean, simple homepage caters to busy advisers by placing fund-finding front and center.

With hundreds of funds to choose from, it was crucial that we make filtering, finding and learning more simple and intuitive.

Snapshot views give advisers crucial fund and fund manager data in seconds.

And of course, everything is responsive, so the fund shopping experience is just as clean, clear and seamless on mobile devices.

Letting Boutiques Shine

Each AMG Affiliate is different – a unique collection of personalities, spaces and approaches to investing that’s uncommon to the industry. We worked with each of them to build individual boutique pages that brought their shops, fund managers and valuable perspectives to life.

A Platform Built for Now & Tomorrow

We created a content management system that, for the first time, allowed AMG Funds to quickly and easily merge marketing and distribution technologies – bringing continuously updated performance data and Affiliate info together under one roof and one seamless experience.

We rethought and eliminated barriers to access that previously stood between advisors and deeper-dive fund data, and added a quick search feature to get folks exploring and discovering relevant funds right away. Finally, we handled all the technical work, from site architecture to back and front-end development.


In the months following our launch, fund shopping via the homepage increased by 63%.

There was also a 287% increase in visits to the order fund literature page (a highly valued next step in the fund shopping process).

And in ranking the site among the best asset management sites in the world, consulting firm Kurtosys called the site “Brilliantly designed”, “Fast and snappy,” and “A great user experience”.

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