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We're excited to announce that we're now part of MERGE. This coming together will bring our clients and prospects increased depth and breadth in key technology and creative service areas. We can't wait to make ever-simpler and more rewarding customer experiences with our new partners.


athenahealth’s innovative, cloud-based practice management and electronic health records services are continuing to change the way medical providers run practices and treat people.

Over the course of our relationship, we worked to identify key motivators and barriers to purchase for our small practice, mid-size and enterprise target segments. Insights in hand, we created, optimized and helped manage athenahealth’s end-to-end online channel. From awareness campaigns and a complete dot-com redesign, to triggered email streams and a range of sales tools and content, we never stopped working to get athenahealth noticed – and efficiently drive our marketing-averse targets through an education-intensive and highly considered purchase cycle.

We talked to physicians, practice managers, and C-Level execs, then completely rethought what the website should be. We redesigned and rebuilt the site to lead with visual learning to emphasize the needs of each target segment and made it easier to test which content should require registration and lead capture.

Animations & Videos That Connect The Dots

To demonstrate how your day changes for the better when you become an athenahealth client, we created “Day in the Life” videos featuring real physicians. We also created an animated iconographic language to explain how athenahealth’s offering actually works in simple “see and say” ways.

Tools That Prove The athenahealth Difference

For SaaS providers, the standard offer is a free trial. That’s not an option for athenahealth, so we created a full stable of mobile and web apps that are engaging, get to the point, and elegantly demonstrate what athenahealth is uniquely able to deliver to their clients.

Triggered Emails To Drive Meeting & Sales

Once we captured a lead through the site, we activate our lead nurture system. This system features customized communication streams and emails targeted by segment. These emails are generated by behaviors like registering, using specific tools or accessing specific site content, scheduling a meeting and of course post-meeting follow-up.

The “This Is How” Campaign

Doctors are pretty much immune to hollow claims. More than anything, they want to know that you’re an honest-to-goodness better alternative. If you pique their interest, they’ll want to pop the hood and spend time exploring the details of what you do. So we developed a campaign that let them do just that.

The “Tame The Beast” Campaign

We took all the complex and overwhelming things that physicians and their staff have to deal with (like complex government regulations and insurance company rules) and manifested them in the form of an ugly, intrusive beast. It gave us a simple, visual shorthand and helped demonstrate we understood their pain.

A Hard-Working Marketing Infrastructure

In addition to devising the technical architecture and doing all coding for, we meshed site registration and lead capture data with SalesForce so the sales team could follow-up in real-time with prospects. We integrated Marketo for CRM, On24 for webinar management, Kenexa for careers, Thomson Reuters for investor relations and Omniture for analytics. The result? A well-integrated high-performing and highly measurable online channel.

Some Happy Numbers

The redesigned site generated 58% more qualified leads than its predecessor. Recent site optimizations increased that number by over 20%.

Our CRM email streams achieved an initial 15% lift in conversion from lead to meeting. Stream optimizations helped drive an additional 32% gain.

During the time we partnered with them, they grew from 150 employees to over 4,000 and realized a market cap of over $5 billion.

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