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Sprinting To Market

Via a series of design sprints and co-design sessions, we worked shoulder-to-shoulder with Fidelity and their platform partner, hCentive, to rapidly define and test key experiences that would wow early adopters and help attract new clients. Then, we moved quickly to design solutions and investigate new ways to deliver on the simplicity, transparency and tailored plan options employees want.

A real-time customer journey map helped align participants.

Rapid fire storyboarding identified unique opportunities and areas to focus attention.

Co-design sessions with clients and technology stakeholders uncovered potential issues.

User flows mapped employee, employer and carrier touchpoints.

An Easier Employee Enrollment Experience

From HMOs to HSAs, the world of health benefits is a minefield of confusing acronyms and more confusing plans. So, we approached enrollment as a guided experience; one in which the design was simple and the language was human. By answering just a few simple questions, employees could generate a tailored experience that recommends appropriate health plans and suggests ways to maximize every dollar spent.

Clear, simple design spells out health plan details and differences.

Plain language questions tailor offerings to employees’ needs.

Interactive elements give employees greater control over their contributions and choices.

A simple, familiar checkout process helps everyone understand costs.

An Employer Platform Shaped By Co-Design

We interviewed dozens of HR directors to prioritize needs and opportunities, designed the most preferred options, and worked with Benefits Administrators and HR Directors to vet and refine them. Ultimately, we crafted a simpler and more powerful way for employers and administrators to fine-tune contributions, compare plans and manage employee enrollment via one central dashboard.

Employers can monitor enrollment, new hires and life-status changes from one simple dashboard.

HR directors can shop hundreds of plans and fine-tune their contribution strategy.

Videos That Educate & Inform

To demonstrate the features of the Health Marketplace, we created a playful two-minute video that emphasized the burden that healthcare has on both employees and employers. We also produced educational videos to support employees during and after enrollment.

Messages That Work

We then helped define and articulate prospect-facing messaging via a website that drives leads to the sales force. We also equipped them with sales aids to explain the benefits of the marketplace.

Recognition & Results

Together with Fidelity and their development partner, we successfully launched the Employee solution in time for open enrollment.

Customer feedback from all participating businesses has been very positive. And though costly call center interactions are typically high during open enrollment periods, the volume for the Marketplace has been significantly less than forecast.

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