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We're excited to announce that we're now part of MERGE. This coming together will bring our clients and prospects increased depth and breadth in key technology and creative service areas. We can't wait to make ever-simpler and more rewarding customer experiences with our new partners.

Franciscan Children's

An amazing, hidden star in Boston’s galaxy of world-class hospitals, Franciscan Children’s provides deeply needed pediatric rehab, surgical, mental health and education services to kids from all over Massachusetts and the country. Our challenge was to clearly communicate their state-of-the-art capabilities and their incredible commitment to some of the toughest, most effort-intensive forms of care.

In addition, we worked to make it easy to make a connection to, and become a part of, the Franciscan Children’s community – whether you’re a patient, parent, health professional or a donor.

An Interface Focused On What Matters

We put special emphasis on devising a UX/UI design that would not only make learning about and interacting with Franciscan Children’s extremely easy, but would also allow us to emphasize the courage and commitment of the kids, their parents and the Franciscan Children’s staff.

An Experience That Performs Everywhere

Through interviews and working sessions with patients, parents and staff, it became clear that folks would be interacting with the site from a variety of locations and (not surprisingly) with some significant urgency. For these reasons, we delivered an ultra-simple and device-agnostic design. A design that would work hard from home, office, on the road or even in the halls of the hospital itself.

Donations Made Easy

We worked to define where and how it would be most right (and effective) to emphasize donation. Then we worked to simplify and optimize the donation interface itself and make it easy for the staff to experiment, learn and define the most optimal donation language and donation amounts.

Journeys That Tell The Story Best

Given the remarkable experiences and transformations of the kids at Franciscan Children’s, we naturally felt that one of the best ways to tell the story of the place was through the incredible stories of the kids themselves. So we worked to deploy and promote the right stories in the right locations, and make it easy for the staff to edit and manage them.

All Built On A Very Efficient Platform

The team at Franciscan Children’s needed to easily manage and maintain the site content, but we needed to keep costs low, so we worked to install a highly customized instance of WordPress which went well beyond basic blog management and became a fully-fledged CMS.

We integrated with’s payment gateway to process donations and event fees, and built a flexible system using Wufoo’s form platform that allowed non-technical Franciscan Children’s staff to easily create customized registration and payment forms for new events.

And of course we made sure that key SEO tools are in place and that the site is optimized for tracking via Google Analytics.

So Far, So Good

The site’s bounce rate is down 8%.

Average time on site is up over 34%.

Visits via phone are up over 90%.

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