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We're excited to announce that we're now part of MERGE. This coming together will bring our clients and prospects increased depth and breadth in key technology and creative service areas. We can't wait to make ever-simpler and more rewarding customer experiences with our new partners.

In the hyper-competitive online news race, had fallen to #2 behind CNN. Our job was to extend their “Fuller Spectrum of News” campaign into the digital realm. We started with the rather “duh” thought that a news organization should use the actual news of the day to sell itself. RSS OLA

Lots of banners are set months prior to launch. But these designs integrated RSS feeds for a “ripped from the headlines” effect. Our developers spent a lot of late nights making it fly right, but the resulting ads sure got noticed. The analytics revealed great engagement and click-thru numbers. RSS Screensaver

We figured that people who like being in the know might like to see the latest news when they walked by their computer. So we created a customizable and content-rich screensaver – a sneaky, new little channel for digesting the news and driving traffic back to

Getting The News Out

Bringing the RSS-fed banners (as well as Mac and Windows screen savers) to life required us to collaborate closely with’s tech team as well as publisher sites. We clearly defined requirements with both, got agreement and went to work.

How Did The Campaign Do?

The RSS banners realized a .61% click-thru rate.

In the first month of the campaign, achieved a record number of unique visitors.

100,000+ screensavers were downloaded in the first 60 days after release.

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