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We're excited to announce that we're now part of MERGE. This coming together will bring our clients and prospects increased depth and breadth in key technology and creative service areas. We can't wait to make ever-simpler and more rewarding customer experiences with our new partners.

Virgin Mobile

In the three years we worked with Virgin Mobile, we helped them succeed in a rapidly changing mobile landscape. We integrated brands they’d purchased into their online channel. We devised and launched a new dot-com/online store and several OLA campaigns. We implemented new direct and relationship marketing strategies and optimized like crazy.

We helped them navigate their own acquisition by Sprint. We helped them simply and powerfully sell an ever-evolving set of phones, devices and services. And through it all we maintained an absolute focus on delivering a truly Virgin experience. As a result, the online channel now accounts for over 20% of all sales and .com conversion increased by 18% following the launch of the site designed and built.

This site is a marriage of user-centric design and brand voice. It introduces the phones, demonstrates the virtues of pre-paid plans and gets people to ask themselves, “Why wouldn’t I go with that?”

Folks can shop by plan or phone and dive deep into device features. They can compare costs with the competition. And it all happens in an environment that encourages timely merchandising and special offers without sacrificing brand or design integrity.

Videos That Prove Real-Life Value

Every carrier only talks about their phone’s features. To cut through the clutter, we needed to bring the phone’s benefits to life. So we created a piece of video edutainment, engaging and useful, that the user could stop at any time and interact with for more information. With no media or promotion behind it, it was shared over 40,000 times. And it helped the phone become their hottest selling Android device for a solid year.

Us vs Them

There’s a moment when people realize that they can pay less for a new phone with a traditional carrier. Instead of avoiding that moment, we created a simple way for shoppers to quickly compare apples to apples: the costs of ownership for 24 months. Seeing the “Total Savings Over 2 years” created a very powerful “aha moment”, an idea that’s taken hold among consumers and the media.

Virgin Mobile LUV CRM

If a brand can create a sense of community, it can improve customer satisfaction, create brand-evangelists, and educate consumers, all while being ultra cost-effective. This web-based CRM publication and platform was an engaging and inviting space for Virgin Mobile customers. They could interact, contribute and consume a wide variety of quirky, funny and snack-sized experiences.

Display Advertising

Here, we used super-quick, arresting, on-brand motion moves and headlines to capture the eye. Then we got straight to a compelling offer. To maximize efficiency and effectiveness, we created templates that can be optimized on the fly. And of course we tested and learned to find the optimal combinations of motion, headline and offer.

Success Through Integration

Technically, our initial challenge was to take two separate sites, with their own distinct ecommerce, CRM, and account management infrastructures, and turn them into a cohesive site experience, building intelligent code that could connect to both back-end systems. We integrated a new enterprise content management system (Alfresco). We implemented new code for managing sections of the site that integrated with IBM’s back-end systems using XSL transformations, allowing the content and marketing teams to have greater control over site content without having to wait for long release cycles.

We worked with third parties (Cellmania, 9TrackMind, Livewire) to provide code templates that allowed Virgin Mobile to manage core site elements centrally without requiring vendors to make updates when changes were required. We also integrated with other third parties (Foresee, BazaarVoice, Adobe, MotionPoint) for on-site functionality such as user surveys, ratings and reviews, site tracking, and multi-lingual versions of the site.

The result? A forward-leaning site that gives users what they need quickly and easily, allows multiple development teams to work independently and in parallel and makes it far easier for the client marketing team to update site content.

How It All Went

Online sales rose 18% after launch of the new dot-com and display campaigns.

The site achieved one of the highest customer satisfaction scores in the category.

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