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Are you a genius marketing strategist, designer, technologist, writer or project manager? Do you hate wasting time and brain cells on bad brand interactions? Are you powerless to stop yourself from thinking about how common daily experiences could be made more frictionless, fantastic or effective? Excellent. You’re our kind of gal/guy/weirdo/candidate.

Senior Designer

We’re looking for a Senior Designer with a passion for creating impactful, modern design solutions, primarily (but not exclusively) for digital channels. It starts with fully understanding the specific challenge at hand, then properly applying your unique mix of smarts, skill, creativity and bravery to put forth effective and fantastic work. The ideal candidate will have strong opinions held loosely; is able, eager even, to work in close collaboration with strategy teams who bring valuable research and insights to the table, and technologists and engineers who can offer both helpful constraints to work within and opportunities to explore.


Yes, if you crave:

  • A smaller organization known for punching well above its weight…
  • …that’s hired to tackle a wide range of challenges for a wide range of clients…
  • …where your contributions will make a strong impact…
  • …in an environment where you’re encouraged to share your smartest and craziest ideas and see where they might lead.



  • Designing kick-ass web sites, digital tools, emails and marketing content.
  • Partnering with our strategy and technology teams and clients to build effective and fantastic solutions.
  • Play an active role in new business initiatives, generating ideas and speculative designs.
  • Enjoying life.



  • Impeccable design sensibilities, with standout strengths in web, digital products and UI/UX design. 
  • Self-driven work ethic, intellectual curiosity and creativity.
  • Embracing of a collaborative cross-functional work style. Demonstrated ability to build relationships and add to a team culture that’s committed to on-going learning and improvement.
  • Strong organization skills and attention to detail.
  • Solid written and verbal communication skills.
  • Familiarity with brand strategy & architecture, marketing frameworks and positioning.
  • Prior experience in a fast-paced, agency-like environment is a plus.
  • PLEASE NOTE: the selected candidate will be chosen based on their design skills, not the number of years they’ve been working professionally.



  • Don’t hesitate to show your best work – WHETHER IT ULTIMATELY WENT LIVE OR NOT MAKES NO DIFFERENCE TO US.
  • We want to see your best work, whether that be successful web sites, campaigns, digital product designs that made a client happy or any of your favorite takes from the cutting room floor.
  • Flights of fancy, non-client specific work you created for personal interests, old school projects, etc. Anything that shows the full range of how you think and approach design challenges is welcome.


Job Type: Full-time