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We're excited to announce that we're now part of MERGE. This coming together will bring our clients and prospects increased depth and breadth in key technology and creative service areas. We can't wait to make ever-simpler and more rewarding customer experiences with our new partners.

A Better Mutual Fund Site

When Deutsche Bank brought their DWS brand to the States, we were engaged to create a new .com. The goals were to get noticed by financial advisors, prove that Deutsche Bank offered a unique range of funds enabled by their global research footprint and empower advisors with the tools and data they needed to most intelligently and efficiently serve their clients.

We interviewed and collaborated with all types of financial advisors, from small “mom and pop” shops to large institutional advisors responsible for managing billions of dollars. We spoke directly with FINRA regulators to understand the federal compliance landscape in detail. Then we entered a period of rapid concept exploration, prototyping and testing.

An Efficient Fund Finder

Time spent researching funds is time an advisor could be spending serving or guiding a client. So at the top of the site we created and positioned a dynamic fund finder so they could easily search by fund type, client need and a variety of performance-based criteria.

Tactile Fund Pages

During discovery, advisors confirmed our suspicion that mutual funds are often marketed in ways that can make the funds seem a bit ethereal. So we took that insight and concepted a tactile, card-based design that enabled users to view snapshots of fund performance data. These snapshots could be expanded to reveal more detailed performance views. And users could even flip the card to see (and hear) the fund manager explain the strategy behind the fund.

A Quick Way To Output Content For Clients

If you can anticipate a user’s needs, you can save them a boatload of time. To help financial advisors easily share fund information (and combinations of funds) with their clients, we created a customizable folder-sharing mechanism. They could flag and pull the fund “cards” that interested them the most into a folder to save, print, or share as a pdf.

A Simple Research Library

Demonstrating thought leadership is essential when you’re trying to gain the trust of financial pros. But these folks are fantastically busy. So to keep things quick and easy, we created sortable libraries of sharable Deutsche Bank research and interactive tools.

An Integrated Newsletter

Within the site, we created clear pathways for advisors to opt-in and receive ongoing Deutsche Bank research and thought leadership content. Then, we devised a simple template that allowed Deutsche Bank to assert time-sensitive points of view and core strategic values and promote the funds that best delivered on that content.

Strong Bones

Deutsche Bank had a very capable internal technical team but needed help developing web technologies and integrating this front-end code with their existing server-side technology. So we partnered with their team and helped architect the integration of data from multiple legacy systems and provide data to the front end. As with many projects, our tech team also served as liaisons between the client marketing team, our creative team and the client technical team.

We also led the implementation of an OpenText Content Management System, which allowed non-technical content editors to more effectively merchandise and prove Deutsche Bank’s difference.

We Got A Good Response

“The new DWS Investments website displays innovative and groundbreaking functionality. A real pioneer in the art of client experience.” – Dalbar

“A sleek, easy-to-use site that sets new industry standards in terms of web design and usability.” – Mutual Fund Monitor

“Pushes the envelope on existing standards. The industry’s most advanced site.” – Kasina

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