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We're excited to announce that we're now part of MERGE. This coming together will bring our clients and prospects increased depth and breadth in key technology and creative service areas. We can't wait to make ever-simpler and more rewarding customer experiences with our new partners.

Integrate Almost Any Data Source

View & Analyze Paths Across All Relevant Marketing & Sales Touchpoints

One of the most vexing challenges for marketers is being able to see the combinations of online and offline touches that result in the most sales, the most cost-effective sales and the best customers over time. With Traknet, you can get these vital views by product, by campaign and in aggregate. For example, the path below shows the high-value interactions that 67,678 buyers completed prior to purchasing offline.

Track & Assess By Prospect / Customer Profile

Which of your customer profiles likes to engage at which touchpoints? Who converts most or most-efficiently? Where do they disengage or drop-out? And who brings the greatest value to your business over time? You’ll find out with Traknet.

Always Have Key Metrics At Your Fingertips

During set-up, we design a custom mobile dashboard for you and other key stakeholders. Its purpose is to ensure you always have easy access to the numbers that matter most to your business – and to our strategy team’s recommendations for what to do about those numbers.

Get Ongoing Insights From A Team That Understands You & Your Business

Traknet is a robust technical platform that’s powered by people. Specifically, by a team of experienced BEAM marketing strategists who become fluent in your brand values and marketing and sales landscape. They configure Traknet for you based on your business and needs, monitor and assess the data output by the platform and provide contextually relevant insights and recommendations.

Here's What Makes Traknet Go


Built on Microsoft’s SQL Server Business Intelligence platform, Traknet is stable, flexible and extensible.

Elbow Grease

We take on the (often very) time-consuming work of scrubbing and connecting your data to Traknet.


Our team is led by savvy marketing strategists. Folks who speak the language of senior brand marketers.

Could Traknet Transform How You Measure, Plan & Market? Let's Find Out

If you’re tired of cobbling together data from disparate sources or feel like you don’t have a clear enough view into how your marketing, sales and product development investments are really performing, call 617-523-0500 or email us at